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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Tue Nov 13 00:43:35 CST 2001

spinhead wrote on 13/11/01 1:58 am

>Isn't this exactly the kind of question that should be addressed AFTER a
>survey? How many potential users are there who speak another language better
>than they speak English?

I think we'll be in a better position then to understand the
language abilities of the current membership.

(we are asking that, right? If not should be
What's your first language:
Deutch RB
English RB
Espanol RB
Francais RB
Other RB TA

Do you speak/read any other languages well enough
to discuss evolt-type content?
Deutch CB
English CB
Espanol CB
Francais CB
Other CB TA

But as John's pointed out, it's a circular argument,
which doesn't speak to our belief that we *should*
be a global community.


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