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:Subject: Re: [Theforum] New feature suggestions
:From: "Daniel J. Cody" <djc at members.evolt.org>
:| One thing we could add to teh CMS would be a 'notify me when new articles
:| are posted' checkbox on the user signup page that would correspond to a
:| flag in the user record.. when a new article is approved,
:| mailto if user.notifyme = yes
:| pseudo code gets run..
:+1 from me on this ....
:Not necessarily just on the signup page tho .. should be a membership
:option... I'd say it would be bad "karma" to auto-add everyone in weo list
:.. however, there may be no other way to effectively reach all weo members
:.. so, perhaps with an option to opt out, we could do a mass
:mailing and let
:people unsubscribe themself automatically from the notification list, yet
:still retain their membership.
:Comments ?

This sounds ok, and satisfies those those who want this functionality and
those who don't, and secondly, sometimes it's not easy to see the
notification email, by sifting through all that list email (which i send to
one folder), just to see that a new article has been submited.

Also, I had posted the following a couple weeks ago back in october, no
comments received:~


Just a couple of thoughts I had, that probably may compliment what someone
has said, was going to say, or was thinking of.

Now, this is in general,so each point is on it's own.

To begin with, evolt has helped me alot (to that i say thank you); not only
me, but I know it's continually helping numerous others.  I think one of the
things that could be done, is member benefits.  Since we're talking
Non-profit, I am thinking, that stuff like books,videos, for instance, in a
case where a profit could have been made in a sale, it is used to give the
members a better discount.

Secondly, with regards to articles.  On many instances, we've seen a number
of excellent articles written.(Not stepping on anyone's toes :-))  But some
examples are as follows:~


Just two examples to make the point.  These are great articles, and there
are a number of us, who enthusiastically started reading, and waited in
vain, for the following installments of these articles.  A system needs to
be put in place, whether, it is left up to the authors, to ensure that they
can get the continuity -OR- for the article area, an option for multiple
installments, and all are entered at the minute, and say each week or every
2 wks, then the next installment comes into play automatically.

Next, I had made a suggestion, and was asked to share it for further
discussion on this list.

Find the link below:~


That's it for now.

My $2,


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