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:At 09:28 PM 11/13/2001, you wrote:
:>Next, I had made a suggestion, and was asked to share it for further
:>discussion on this list.
:>Find the link below:~
:>         http://www.evolt.org/article/profjj/26/16736/index.html
:Anything that involves page views can very easily be manipulated, IMHO. If
:I wrote an article, I would either keep pressing F5 or get a small script
:to do it for me. Not reliable at all.
Well though childish of someone there will obviously be people who want to
do that, you can't stop people from doing that, however you can make it more
difficult to do, as with everything else (can't stop ppl from stealing, you
can just make it difficult).  I am quite sure, that enough little scenarios
can be worked out to get unique views. It might not be as easy as the
inability to rate an article 2x.

These guys claim to give "unique" views. (Just a random example out of the

Just might be able to work.

:What we do need to do is dig up articles with low readership, but which
:have genuine merit in them. Then we need to circulate them on the home
:page. I believe something like this was being discussed on thesite a while
:And how about a "Random article of the day" option? :)
:I remember the "old" days of the Web in 1994-95 when I'd love to go to a
:random site on Yahoo!
Tip of the day.  And grab a randomn tip from the harvester.

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