Article Revival - Revisited .. was Re: [Theforum] New feature suggestions

aardvark roselli at
Tue Nov 13 12:19:16 CST 2001

> From: "Michele Foster" <michele at>
> Hence, why the implementation of this feature was done randomly.

which is fine, it's part of the prototyping process and it allows us to 
work on other aspects of the feature...

> This was on the drawing board for about a month prior to CodeFest.
> Consistently folks were asked for feedback.  None was given at that
> time.

erm, i'm not about to surf the archives, but i know i gave my 
feedback on this... my opinion is still the same, but i'll reiterate 

in short, people need to do this, and the idea was some admins 
would take time here and there and make suggestions on what 
articles warranted it... i know rudy had ideas, i think isaac had 
some, couple others...

> (1)  We need more than one volunteer .. ideally a group of 3-4
> individuals responsible for this. (2)  How will this "group" decide

1) ok...

> what articles get revived and for how long? (3)  Technically, can the

2) hopefully by the chaos approach... someone suggest one, if 
enough people agree (note lack of numeric qualifier) we flag it (note 
lack of process or technical qualifier)...

> "headline" feature of f.e.o. be duplicated and used for this on

3) dunno...

> w.e.o.? (4)  ATM, only active Admin members have access to
> manipulating content on the site.  If we introduce this feature, can
> others have the same access (i.e. Priv. >= 3) in order to select the
> Headlines? (5)  How will this group keep track of this?  Would we need

4) er, i'm going to resist on this until i feel we have appropriate 
checks in place... for instance, anyone posts anything about 
access to this list (and its public archives), and we immediately 
have to change it... etc...

> to add a field or two to the article table indicating yes/no and when
> an article was "revived"?

5) dunno, i defer to the db and CF heads...

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