[Theforum] Featured article positioning and concept

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Nov 13 16:09:03 CST 2001

> And how about a "Random article of the day" option? :)
> I remember the "old" days of the Web in 1994-95 when I'd love to go to a
> random site on Yahoo!

Emily was trying to come up with a better name than "Random article of the
day" (cos it wouldn't be random) or "Revived article" (sounds like it had
had a heart attack).

Regarding positioning, the sidebar might be out. I can't remember how busy
it is for non-admins, but for admins it's quite long already.

I agree that top is better than bottom, but what about 3 down?


wow - super revived article promo


Disadvantages: interrupts flow of 10 latest articles (effect could be
reduced if it was obviously marked as being different).

Advantages: doesn't take prominence of the absolute latest article (which
should definitely sit first whenever possible), nor does it get lost at the

What about running the revived article as a manual inclusion with a
graphical frontdoor promo a la ALA? (la la la la)

Let me try a concept for it. (Going to Photoshop -- be patient!)

OK, here we are: http://anarchitect.net/isaac/evolt/featured_article.gif

Mousing over "Featured Article" or clicking the [?] would give a pop-up or
link to a FAQ that explained what the Feature Article was. i.e., it's not
necessarily brand new, nor is it a sponsored ad. Note that the comments and
ratings are prominently positioned so it's easy to keep track of the
promotions progress.

The requirement of a custom graphic for each article we wish to promote (1 a
week? 1 every 3 days) is pretty light. That one took me less than 5 minutes
to come up with. Once the template is standardised, it would take even less
time to create.



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