[Theforum] Featured article positioning and concept

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Tue Nov 13 17:00:00 CST 2001

theforum at lists.evolt.org wrote:
> At 03:39 AM 11/14/2001, you wrote:
Emily was trying to come up with a better name than "Random article of the day" (cos it wouldn't be random) or "Revived article" (sounds like it had had a heart attack).

For the "revived" articles, how about something like "Re-Volt" or "Volt-Age"? You could use various combos of caps and hyphens to suit the impression you want to convey. I kind of dig the usage of "Somethingvolt" in the names of things a la Beervolt. Or, should we not go the Dilbert-esque route (i.e. Dilbert, Catbert, Dogbert, Ratbert, etc.bert) where we use "-volt" all over the place until we're sick of it? I'll keep thinking...


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