[Theforum] Featured article positioning and concept

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Nov 13 17:25:47 CST 2001

> However, the size (and by extension, the prominence) conflict with its
> position on the page. It looks mighty important compared to the
> rest of the
> articles, but it's demoted. Exact opposite signals. Salon (and many other
> sites) also have a "featured article" with a large graphic, but it's
> usually the first thing you notice. In your design, the featured article
> certainly stands out enough to grab your attention - so much so that you
> may as well make it the first article. Same effect either way - I notice
> the featured article first.

Aren't the Salon featured articles also the latest/current ones?

I would like to see an option in the future for graphical promos to add a
bit of life to the frontdoor (i.e., first 3 articles perhaps?). (I say
"option" because many purists would rather see the text-mostly/only version
as is, but I think we need something brighter looking to increase
design-related interest, and thus articles and discussion on those topics.)

Or maybe the key is just to sit the graphical promo at the top, and then
follow it with the bland listing?


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