[Theforum] Re: langs

r937 at interlog.com r937 at interlog.com
Tue Nov 13 18:37:14 CST 2001

> Because English is just another language. If we have someone
> with the skill, time and motivation to translate from the original
> language then fantastic.

+1 to posting in the original

translations are a bonus

listen, y'all are gonna think this is a setup, but *honestly* i was just 
surfing some web developer resources when i happened across this --


   "Evolt.org is a truely international community of webdesigners 
   around the wourld. This site has a discussion list, news,  
   articles and tutorials that will be translated in all languages 
   as members contribute."

coincidence, i assure you, but rather apropos, don't you think?



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