[Theforum] OT: linkwhoring

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Wed Nov 14 14:51:45 CST 2001

I always thought it was like trying to get a link out there 
repeatedly.  Like posts that really add no followup but get a link out there.

Ahem, http://www.thesfst.com.  :D

Sorta like Kuro5hin's MLP (Mindless Link Propogation).


At 02:50 PM 11/14/2001, you wrote:
>Prompting others obsessively to link to them. Or creating outrageous
>content guaranteed to get others to link to them from their weblogs.
>Something like that. Adrian?
>- amanda
> > At 02:08 AM 11/15/2001, you wrote:
> > >Somebody used this term in an email to me today: "linkwhoring".
> >
> > Bugger! Wrong list. Damn this address autocomplete :(
> >
> > But since I asked, does anyone know? :)

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