[Theforum] moving ahead with the survey

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Wed Nov 14 17:52:14 CST 2001

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:Subject: [Theforum] moving ahead with the survey
:I've updated the survey with most of the suggestions people have had(i
:think, i know i missed some) over the past couple weeks and I'd like to
:start moving it along so we can get something out *soon* so we can have
:our first round of feedback returned by our 3rd birthday.
:That said, I think we've got a good base to receive info from people
:involved *at all levels* with evolt. I also think this survey provides a
:good base to construct other, more specific and focused surveys from.
:What I'd like to do is:
:	- get the grammer, spelling, syntax nailed down.
:	- finalize the 'demographics' section
:	- decide who are going to be the group of people that view the
:	  data first and disseminate it to everyone here and the
:	  community
:	- get some ideas of places we can post about it in addition to
:	  evolt
:Those things done, we can move the questions to survey monkey, run a
:couple tests, and then pimp the *HELL* out of it. ;)
:So, before we get sidetracked on to many other issues and ideas here - as
:we're famous for - anyone have final opinions or suggestions?
:Thanks! :)

I don't know if this was suggested before, and a reason for not including
it, but I think a section for Location or country or something of that sort
should we included.


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