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:>At 03:32 AM 11/11/2001, you wrote:
:>>my personal opinion is that the problem is not in how to communicate the
:>>desire for the article, but in motivating potential authors to
:write it --
:>>and the best vehicle for this, again speaking just for myself,
:is comments
:>>on thelist
:>As I tried to convince a friend to write an article on Evolt, he
:>asked about recognition. I said, "well, you're identified as the
:>author and you own the copyright". But he pointed out that only the
:>user name was shown there, not anything more about the author (not
:>even a name).
:The username is a link to the member info though...
:>This got me thinking. I reckon it wouldn't be a bad idea to add some
:>biographical, perhaps funny, info about the author at the end of
:>articles. For example:
:>"John Doe is the lead developer at [company], where he bangs out
:>bytes to try and make the world a connected place. When he isn't
:>busy juggling Java code, he likes to relax with a glass of wine and
:>listen to Metallica. Crazy? Absolutely."
:>What do you think, theforum? Publicity is often good motivation.
:That's what Apple does in their internet developer site. They have a
:contributors page with a brief bio for each contributor. Most of them
:are kind of funny and say something about 'who' the writer is.  They
:don't have a link to the author info from the articles, but they have
:links to the articles under the authors bio.

Sounds good, possibly it can be added just like how you type up the Synopsis
for the article,  and you type once, and when posting articles or logged in,
you can have the ability to edit it if stuff has changed.  That way, someone
who doesn't plan on writing any articles, doesn't have to go through the
process, and it could be displayed when you click on the username.


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