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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Nov 15 12:58:47 CST 2001

Hey Madhu,

Without going in to too much detail .. there's been a lot of discussion
about "Members' Pages", especially on thesite list.

Much of the backend (database) work exists for this.  However, nothing has
been coded yet (to the best of my knowledge).  The finer details, proposed
attributes, etc. haven't been sorted out.

However, since it too was on the CodeFest task list, three of the local
Milwaukee folks are working on some design ideas.  Miriam, Greg, Jeremy S.,
any progress on this?  Anything you can show as possible samples?

As a VERY rough draft, there is this sample that Erik Mattheis created for
another idea he and I (and others) were discussing a while back.  It does
give a general idea to what the Members Pages might be like in the future.


The current User Pages, that are accessed by clicking an author's name, will
one day be replaced with Member Pages (where they exist).

If you notice on t.e.o. (test.evolt.org), there's a new link "Edit
Membership", which at the moment only has the stylesheet choosing app. in

Anyway, hope this helps clarify a few things. As always, volunteers are
needed to get this project up and running.  :)


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| User names are so cold. They lack the "human" element. A name is much
| better suited for this (especially if your user name is cold_logic - like
me :)

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