[Theforum] Member Pages .. was .. Re: New feature suggestions

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Nov 15 15:03:06 CST 2001

> Good point. I'm wondering also if adding toggles for ICQ, AIM,
> YIM contacts would be a desirable function. Turning them "on"
> would mean that they are viewable only to registered/logged in
> members (in other words, only for evolt peeps). Anonymous visitors
> wouldn't see the info at all.

hi alan

that's another description of the priv scheme, if simplified to two values
(on/off) for users

we plan to have a priv level on every piece of personal info on the member

0 = public
1 = (logged in) user
2 = member
3 = admin
4 = god


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