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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 15 15:44:13 CST 2001

> >http://anarchitect.net/isaac/evolt/author.gif
> Nice, but are you sure that's the pic you want to show to the world? ;)

That's the one they've already seen. ;p

> Check this page: http://www.digital-web.com/tutorials/
> Notice the bio? Something like that too would be great.

For sure. What's stopping you adding this to your articles right now? I
already put my name, site and email address and would be happy to expand it.
Should we set a precendent of approving articles with bios of roughly that
length? (I think so).

As for self-promotion, I am not against such bios including something like:
"Bob is available to consider writing opportunities or freelance Web
contracts." It has to be attractive for potential authors to write articles.

I think we have two options -- grab the bio from a member pref page
(disadvantage: same for every article, can't be tailored to specific
audiences; advantage: easy to change in one position), or let authors tack
it on at the end of their article (disadvantage: if your bio says "looking
for a job in SF", and then you get one, you have to change every single
instance; advantage: you can tailor your bio to audiences of specific
articles, and we don't have to make any code changes at all -- it's ready to
go right now).

I'd probably lean towards the latter option (bios included in articles) and
keep the restriction in mind (i.e., if bio whores for a job, you just have
to change it on every article that includes it).


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