[Theforum] New feature suggestions

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 15 16:06:57 CST 2001

>I think 3 lines should be acceptable.
>Glad to see we're in agreement. So... what do we do next?

The easy solution is to add a text input field on the article 
submission page (and the appropriate database tweak), restricting the 
number of characters. People can include a link to a more extensive 
bio/portfolio if they want.

Does this idea mesh with the member profile possibility? I guess that 
could be the link I mention above.

>While I'm on my thinking streak, do we make any special efforts to 
>promote outstanding articles on the Web? Is our propoganda minister 
>in charge of that? The more people that link to our site, the more 
>recognition evolt, thelist, and writers get. Getting mentioned in a 
>place like Tomalak's Realm drives a fair bit of traffic to sites.

Is Dave here?


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