[Theforum] New feature suggestions

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 15 16:09:55 CST 2001

no, but we should have a person or people that do advocate evolt articles
and stuff. its usually been up to the individual author to do so, but
every time i've seen someone do it, its produced incredible responses in
terms of interest in evolt and new members.

bob did it with his OSX apache virtual hosting article.. it got picked up
by the big OSX sites/weblogs and trickled down from there.

same thing happened when morbus posted his and my apache articles from a
month ago to a couple apache websites.. the response was *huge*. so huge
in fact that we both got picked up by apacheweek.com (which i never
thought i'd do and was pleasently suprised by) and a friend convinced me
to post my apache article to slashdot's apache section - that has sent
more than 15000 referers to evolt since it was posted there, tucked away
in the corner of a slashdot subsite. when a couple things like that hit,
it was wierd. random people started emailing me asking for apache help,
equating the fact that i'd been published on respected sites, so therefore
i must know some shit about apache. in the minds of a couple people, i got
elevated to 'apache expert' because of that.

this kinda relates to the recognition thing(like bob mentioned, evolt.org
articles are often realize as *the* definative word on some things) both
with the immediate web development community and, to a point, the greater
community of internet users.

its pretty cool when you think about it, and it would be nice if we had a
somewhat more concentrated effort to get the word out. aka Minister of
Propoganda or whatever :)

anyways, i'll step off my "I'm building community!!" soapbox(austin
evoltcon inside joke :)


On Fri, 16 Nov 2001, Madhu Menon wrote:
> While I'm on my thinking streak, do we make any special efforts to promote 
> outstanding articles on the Web? Is our propoganda minister in charge of 
> that? The more people that link to our site, the more recognition evolt, 
> thelist, and writers get. Getting mentioned in a place like Tomalak's Realm 
> drives a fair bit of traffic to sites.

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