[Theforum] moving ahead with the survey

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 15 16:47:47 CST 2001

isaac wrote on 15/11/01 4:39 am

>what about preceding the "buy our stuff" q with something like this. i think
>that it just sounds less abrupt.
>In times past, we've designed and had our own evolt.org t-shirts made. We're
>considering making some more but need to ascertain interest levels. Would
>you be interested in buying evolt.org t-shirts, hats, etc?

With a bit of a reassurance over hard-sell:
"If you are, don't worry about having your mailbox filled with evolt-ware
spam. We absolutely guarantee that we're only using this information to
work out whether it's worthwhile doing. If you want us to do this at all,
let us know!"


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