[Theforum] OT: linkwhoring

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Thu Nov 15 17:04:59 CST 2001

Why Madhu .... our experts that predict making fun of "Gartner idiots"
will be a $5B business in 5 years ... and a $10B business in 10 years
....    ;-)

{Sorry - it might be kind of an "insider" thing.  If you've ever read
more than 3 of their reports in a short period of time - you'll notice
just how much 'boilerplate' they use in their predictions...
everydamnthing is a ... "$5B market in 5 years!"}

(Who has OFTEN been quite irritated by how much money they charge to say
"[x] will be a $5B business in 5 years" .... aaaarrrrrggghhhhh!)

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From: Madhu Menon [mailto:webguru at vsnl.net]

Would typing in "Gartner idiots" into Google and gloating at the results

also count? :))

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