collaboration (was Re: [Theforum] New feature suggestions)

Chris Spruck cspruck at
Fri Nov 16 00:56:06 CST 2001

>From: "Martin"
>A couple of things:
>2) If we have VWPs who can't write, support them with the writing
>     as happens with many factual(1) books, either overtly co-written or
>     just very, very well edited
>3) If we have PWCWs, help them develop their knowledge so that
>     they can write on stuff which matters. Or pair them with subject
>     matter experts, as in (2) above.

I also think this is a great idea and would be good for encouraging more 
people like myself to get involved .

At 03:32 PM 11/15/01 -0800, spinhead wrote:
>  I don't even want credit, just practice.

I definitely think getting some form of credit would be a good idea so 
others can see what skills or topics you're knowledgeable about or at least 
see that you're a good writer/collaborator.

That being said, like spinhead, I'm also up for editing or collaborating in 
some way, so please keep me in mind if the opportunity arises and you'd 
like to talk with me. Thanks!


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