[Theforum] RE: Member stats (was: [xxxsite] [bug] t.e.o. - blah blah)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 17 08:38:36 CST 2001

> From: Madhu Menon <webguru at vsnl.net>
> Well, it depends. Is this a "fun" site or a serious site? Why do we
> use such a muted colour scheme instead of wild yellows and orange?
> (rhetorical question)

that's not really rhetorical... not everyone knows why we have the 
color scheme we do... and yes, it's because it's easier to read than 
all wild yellows and oranges... although you can use the 
AFistApart style i created if you really like...

> > > >http://test.evolt.org/article/thesite/17/16286/
> >
> >try it again then.  i've removed a number of the fun stats and left
> >just the basics as i see it.
> MUCH better. Yep, that's all that's needed. And I like that you've
> moved "member since"  to this page. Say, is that the green-eyed
> monster they keep talking about? :P

yeah, less stat-oriented, not bad...

btw, i like the stats approach... it's just how i process information... 
the user info is also good (but doesn't mean, IMO, that you need to 
cut the other stuff)...

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