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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Sun Nov 18 17:09:57 CST 2001

> way to automate things.  I thinks its a good idea to
> programmatically revive
> articles instead of combing through them all by hand.  A high
> rating probably
> = a good article, and we want to revive good articles, right?  Of course
> there would need to be a way of manually reviving articles as
> well for the
> one's that fall through the cracks.  Just an idea to throw out there.


The problem with this is that a lot of our pre v2.0 articles haven't been
rated as the feature was not available at the time. In the first instance,
the article revivals are attempting to get them back into the picture so
that they can at least get picked by the programmatical method you


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