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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Mon Nov 19 10:49:57 CST 2001

At 09:45 PM 11/19/2001, Daniel J. Cody opined:
>the archive.. it's not *huge* but for the short time we had it working
>last spring, it was probably sending 10-20 people a day to the archives,
>which is A Good Thing(tm)..

But Dan, (and I've already pointed this out in private email), many people 
aren't even *aware* that there's a list that goes with the site. Evolt.org 
is known on the Web, but thelist isn't.

What we need to do is take this text from http://lists.evolt.org :


Become a part of the evolt.org community by joining 'thelist', evolt.org's 
primary discussion list for designers, developers, and web managers working 
to make the web a better place for all! Ask questions, get answers. Give 
answers, gain respect. Become part of the community!


...simply (and drastically cut down) the language, and then find a 
prominent place for it on the home page. That sidebar is so clogged it's 
not funny.


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