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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Mon Nov 19 11:09:36 CST 2001

At 10:32 PM 11/19/2001, Olly Hodgson opined:

>Will this do?
>Become part of evolt.org by joining 'thelist', our discussion list for
>people working to make the web a better place! Ask questions, give answers,
>gain respect. Become part of the community!

I'm going to try and strip it even further without losing its essence.


Join 'thelist', our discussion list for web workers. Ask questions, give 
answers, gain respect. Become part of our community! [link]Subscribe now[/link]


I may come up with something better later.

>Not really sure where we would put it though - above 'New Articles'?

I'm going to wait for Isaac to wake up in Oz before debating that. It's his 
design, after all :)

Hey Isaac, wakey wakey, wabbit!   :P


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