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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Mon Nov 19 13:04:58 CST 2001

At 11:21 PM 11/19/2001, rudy opined:
>sometimes other people invite other people
>here's a post from, cough, another list just today --

Rudy, you remind me of the Coke ads here in India that clearly blast Pepsi, 
but pixelate the Pepsi logo on the bottles :))

(and you're aware of my rather long rant on the aforemention list earlier 
in the day)

I couldn't agree more with what you and Dan are saying about personal 
recommendations. In fact, research shows that when people want to buy 
something, advice given by a trusted person is a major factor in the 
purchase decision.

Therefore, when I recommend to a friend that he should join thelist, it 
carries a lot more weight than some web page that talks about it in glowing 
terms. I'm not disputing that at all.

I'm just saying that there *are* people who aren't aware of thelist but 
know about Evolt. If these people already consider w.e.o as a useful 
resource, chances are good that they'll find thelist useful as well.

Rudy, Google allows you to search for sites that link to yours by typing in 
"site:[URL]". Do this for "lists.evolt.org" and "www.evolt.org" and compare 
the results to those for "other" lists. It may not be a scientific method, 
but it is at least indicative of how many sites link to ours, and by 
extension, how many people know about it.

No, I have no reliable data on how well-known we are, but that survey 
should clear things up a bit.



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