[Theforum] Re: Member stats

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 19 14:43:33 CST 2001

>Peronsally, for my average rating given, i don't care either way. But, as
>far as putting it on the site, I can't say I'm excited about that.

I wonder what real benefit there is in putting an individuals rating 
data up for all to see? How that kind of info is interpreted by Joe 
Visitor seems completely uncontrollable, which makes its presence 
questionable. Inscrutable data cluttering up a page, adding to the 
myriad of distractions already present, seems like a not-so-great 

>However, *I'd* be interested in seeing my own average rating given. It
>might be ok to show it on one's own user page? just a suggestion.

That's not a bad idea.


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