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Yup. Me too. +1. Affirmative.

If I was going to rate an article low, I probably wouldn't finish it anyway,
and wouldn't get around to rating it. And that's something we might consider
changing. Legally (in the US) I believe 'he who is silent is understood to
consent.' If we're concerned about keeping quality high, one way we do that
is by expressing what we ISN'T quality, not just what is. Ever heard of a
survey where you were asked to only answer the questions you agreed with?
Heck; we're asking folks to be complete when they take our survey; shouldn't
we do the same? If we read an article, we should rate it. I think it's an

But I don't want an average of 'how Joel rates articles' posted prominently.
And maybe not at all. I don't see the value.

I DO see value to a list of 'articles rudy rated 4+' so I can judge their
value (somewhat subjectively, albeit) based on rudy's opinion, which I might
conceivably decide I respect. Averaging ratings only tells me something
about an author, not a rater.

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> Daniel J. Cody wrote on 19/11/01 5:59 pm
> >I +1 this totally. i was suprised to see the average rating i'd *given*
> >there. it looks like 'dan always rate high'?
> Yeah, it's weird. I'm the same. I think I either rate high or not at all.
> Maybe it's useful stuff for you to see your *own* average rating
> given...
> Cheers
> Martin
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