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Go to bed, young man. (Is my point the same w/o that comment? Yup; think so.
Okay, let's delete that inaccuracy, and leave the rest.)


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> At 04:45 AM 11/20/2001, spinhead opined:
> >Legally (in the US) I believe 'he who is silent is understood to
> >consent.'
> Not so. While I'm not American, I do have more than a passing interest in
> Silence cannot be treated as either consent or admission of guilt, and the
> law is fairly clear on that. If I send you an email saying that I'm going
> to ship an IBM mainframe to you, and that if you stay silent, you consent
> to it, that wouldn't be a valid contract. For a contract, you need (among
> other things) both an offer AND an explicit acceptance.
> Ditto with crime. The "you have the right to remain silent" right exists
> because silence cannot be construed as admission of guilt.
> We really didn't need a law lecture here, did we? :)
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