[Theforum] interface ideas (was: Inviting other people)

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 19 20:58:49 CST 2001

> Here are the current home page elements:


Thanks for this list Marlene - was just about to make it myself. :)

One thing that I think I did well with the original design was to establish
a standard header for all evolt.org sites (the black tab bar), but in a few
ways I fucked that up anyway. It's far too limited. Simplicity is great, but
we have all of 3 buttons and a dropdown in there, while the sidebar is
overwhelmingly packed with stuff.

My concept (the first one at least) will keep a black header as standard,
but be far more efficient (and specifically try to alleviate the pressure
we're seeing on the sidebar!). Then I'm hoping to put in a subheader which
will be specific to each subsite (be that LEO, FEO, DEO, etc). One
requirement this has to handle is to not compete (colour-wise) with any
custom styles users wish to inflict upon themselves.

I'm also thinking of a search function that can hint at some of the other
features and projects we've established.

Anyway, I'm hoping to start playing around this week. It'd be great if
others put forth their thoughts also.


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