[Theforum] Re: Adding theForum to l.e.o.

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sat Nov 24 13:18:57 CST 2001

djc wrote:
>voting never has been figured out for this group. and maybe its just me,
>but i think we've gotten a lot done in the past month on this list <gasp>
>without a voting system</gasp>!!

Ok, then let's agree to no voting system.

The problem with having an "unsaid voting system" is that people, down the
line, will assume it's ok to change that because nothing is written 
in stone. Hell, look at admin. We had 20 people there and people got mad
when they didn't get their +1/-1 into the mix in time.

If we're going with the "+1/-1 voting system and when it reasonably looks
like there won't be opposition then we go ahead and assume it's a
go" voting system, well, that *is* a voting system.

My point is to just figure it out and get it nailed down. I wasn't
suggesting that we tap heads with wands and allow those people to vote in
some sophisticated voting application.

If we dont' get it nailed down, I can see it as a very probable
possibility that it's brought up down the line when Joe Theforumuser
didn't see a vote going on, but wanted to weigh in -- but it's too
late. And it will consume us just like it did on admin.



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