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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 24 19:28:58 CST 2001

> From: Madhu Menon <webguru at vsnl.net>
> You're right, Adrian. Let's not get into language debates here. Hence,
> this will be my last post on the topic.

i get into enough trouble on my own... i think i've been dumped by girls for 
correction their grammar/pronunciation/spelling too often...

> Strunk and White write that not only is a preposition at the end
> acceptable, sometimes they're necessary.

yeah?  and?  i didn't disagree, though...

> While the Chicago Manual of Style says you should write titles in
> title case, my design sense tells me better. Sticking caps in the
> middle makes people pause, and obstructs the free flow of words. Like
> you pointed out - readability issues.

except it lacks a certain formality to some... i've seen older folks comment 
on how lazy people have gotten and how they hate how casual things have 
gotten, like their newspapers... believe it or not, perception is sometimes 
more important than a tenth of a second gain in reading speed to many...

> >just imagine the fights between the MLA and Chicago Style people
> >go... i've seen it... it isn't pretty...
> That's just snobbish.
> I'm not a language snob, I'm a language geek. :D


> No, I really didn't get the hotdog and mayo reference. Is it an
> American thing? (like 9/11)  :(


> >any other silly questions?
> What, no emoticon? :((

don't believe in 'em...

i find it more interesting to see people interpret my statements on their 
own... everyone seems to think many of my comments are mean or angry, 
which could be due to lack of emoticons, or due to their own expectations...

as other evolters will tell you, i'm not surly in real life...

or churlish might be a better word, if you prefer the 16th century meaning of 
surly over the modern meaning...

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