[Theforum] Re: Adding theForum to l.e.o.

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Sun Nov 25 16:45:01 CST 2001

On Sat, 24 Nov 2001, rudy wrote:
> >anywho
> excellent exposition, dan, and i trust everyone appreciates the
> practicality of the current situation

thanks.. i guess i've always been a bit confused by the wanton desire by
some people(apply previous disclaimer about people, situations, and
whatever else here) to take what does and has worked for nearly three
years and change it. personally, i think it was a bit of like, 'feature
creep' in a way regarding how the BOD was to be run and how evolt proper
should be run. the reason it works so well is because if someone asks 'why
was that ok'd?' we can point to a URL in our archives and say, "theres the
proposal, debate if any, and decision." pretty clear cut to me.

things are never going to be 100% perfect with evolt and we're never going
to have our shit completely cleaned up. we work on it ya, and thats
cool. my point was lets not put off positive things while we're cleaning
it up.. if at all, ya know?

thats why i think its cool if we put this list on the front page of l.e.o
- but maybe people will convince me otherwise when they get back from the
long weekend..
> the only place a formal voting system makes sense is in a board of
> directors meeting, so let's just defer it until we actually have a board of
> directors meeting

+1 .. err. "AYE!" err... "I do formally wish to make my opinion on this
> not *another* holiday?
> didn't you just get back from the caribbean, like last month or so?

heh.. not this month :( jenny and i are moving smack downtown
actually. got a really sweet 1350sq ft loft overlooking the skyline. 5
minute *walk* from work, fast internet access, heated parking, 5 tres cool
bars within 3 blocks, and a shorter ride for future codefest attendies
to/from the airport/trainstation :) i really haven't talked about it much
cus we're so busy(moving this coming thurs/friday).. unsub'd from all the
chatty lists and am just focusing on this list and thesite a bit so sorry
i didnt mention it.. between moving, finishin the final first draft of the
book, interviewi8ng at a couple places for new job, and dealing with 3 or
4 subprojects for evolt, i'm strapped :)

hopefully, the return to normalcy and good old fashioned drunked replies
will resume soon :)


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