[Theforum] From suggestions to action

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 17 09:37:07 CST 2001

"javier velasco (mantruc)" writes:

>   2. "tips sometimes get posted that are plain wrong" does it make
>      sense to make the tips editable?

The tips are editable to people on admin.  And classifiable.  But no
one has the time to do it.

>   4. "go back to the old way of displaying tips" that is several per
>      page, browsabe.  there wera also lots of people asking for more
>      power on the search for tips.

This has already been done.  The search was broken until Michelle
pointed it out to me.  It is fixed now.  Also, searching the body of
tip is case-sensitive for the time being.

>  20. "searching the articles very difficult to find exaclty what i am
>      looking for" search tips on advaced search page.

We should get the article bodies into CLOBs instead of LONGs.  It will
make it easier to search.


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