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I think the effort should instead be directed at helping authors to indicate
their own opinion; as in "you should know this, that, and the other thing in
order to get the most out of this article" or "No previous knowledge

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> aardvark spat:
> >IOW, the categorization [of beginner and advanced articles] constantly
> >fails to help me in any way, so  now i ignore it altogether...
> +1
> Plus, sometimes beginner articles have something I didn't know (becuase
> much of what I've learned is from thelist where I get bits of info here
> and there and almost never a "building tutorial" deal). But, the point is
> that there is some body on every site determining what is "beginner" and
> what is "advanced". And it really means nothiner more than "this body
> thinks this article is beginner/advanced". Helps no one other than those
> extremely seasoned with what the "body" thinks is each... and that's
> assuming that never changes (which I think it would with time... things
> would become less advanced, more beginner - IMO).
> Not worth the effort, IMO.
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