[Theforum] [survey] detail answers to question 9

Miriam Frost miriam at members.evolt.org
Mon Dec 17 13:19:10 CST 2001

Standard or not, I've always found it creepy and oogy. Unprofessional and a
bit too intimate. Pushy chumminess like strangers calling you by (what they
assume to be) your nickname, or doctors who use your first name and expect
to be addressed as Dr. Soandso.

I don't disagree with that article, even if he carries it to absurdity.

Also: just because something is perceived as a standard, does not make it

Miriam "that's 'Miss Frost' to you, bub" Frost

> I disagree emphatically with the whole article, one point at a time. The
> arguments are linguistic and subjective, not usability or IA.
> 'My.domain.com' is a de facto standard and I don't see any web reasons to
> fly in its face.
> joel

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