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spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Mon Dec 17 13:29:18 CST 2001

> Standard or not, I've always found it creepy and oogy. Unprofessional and
> bit too intimate. Pushy chumminess like strangers calling you by (what
> assume to be) your nickname, or doctors who use your first name and expect
> to be addressed as Dr. Soandso.

Aren't we very carefully fostering chumminess by using the 'community'
word/idea everywhere? Isn't this exactly in line with one of our goals?

> I don't disagree with that article, even if he carries it to absurdity.

Agreed - one author carrying something to absurdity doesn't make it a bad

> Also: just because something is perceived as a standard, does not make it
> incorrect.

? I think we need a very good reason to ignore a de facto standard. (That's
my very own very subjective analysis of the status of my.domain.com.)

> Miriam "that's 'Miss Frost' to you, bub" Frost

Yes'm. :)

> > I disagree emphatically with the whole article, one point at a time. The
> > arguments are linguistic and subjective, not usability or IA.
> > 'My.domain.com' is a de facto standard and I don't see any web reasons
> > fly in its face.
> > joel
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