[Theforum] From suggestions to action

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 17 14:04:50 CST 2001

I've mentioned the ability to classify and edit tips here, on thesite,
and on admin numerous times.  In fact, it was an issue at CodeFest to
change the Perl work that I had done into PHP and make it

I, and a handful of others, have been slowly trying to classify all of
the tips but our time and interest wanes from time to time.  So yes,
we are making progress slowly.  And no, we didn't assume that this
would happen overnight.

According to our original requirement list, we were supposed to
integrate thetips with the site so that they could be commented on and
rated.  Somewhere along the line, that idea was nixed.  I've thought
about adding these back or adding the 'Grr' feature but on the advice
of others have held back until the re-design happens.


Martin writes:

> On Monday, December 17, 2001, at 07:23  pm, javier velasco (mantruc) 
> wrote:
> >>>   2. "tips sometimes get posted that are plain wrong" does it make
> >>>      sense to make the tips editable?
> >>
> >> The tips are editable to people on admin.  And classifiable.  But no
> >> one has the time to do it.
> But then again, if it was mentioned before, it wasn't pushed.
> I certainly didn't know this.
> As the tips are a large number of items, each requiring a small
> bit of work to edit and classify, it's something which can be
> done gradually, surely.
> No-one needs to dedicate a year of their life to do the whole
> lot - let's eat the elephant one mouthful at a time.

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