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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Tue Dec 18 13:04:50 CST 2001

Naw ... I guess my view is that some houses are just places where you
camp out for a few years ... a place to compromise ... to 'put up with'
minor inconveniences ...  a dining room that's a little too small ... or
a kitchen with crappy countertops ... the 'wrong' shade of carpet ....
'cuz, deep in your heart, you know that things just won't be like that
... "in the REAL house"!

[Kind of the "Yeah, my books are in a closet now ... but 'in the REAL
house' I'll have my own library." kind of thing.]

I had a "REAL house" once, a loooong time ago ... the last decade or two
I've been camping out ... now I'm moving into a "REAL" house again.

[Not that the house I'm in now is horrible or anything ... it's not bad
... and it's waaaaay fun this time of year to take the cordless out back
and call old friends up north while sitting in the hot tub, telling them
about the butterflys flittering around the roses in full bloom  ... wine
chilling .. steaks grilling ....      ;-)  Evil? Sure! ... but fun! ]

{Uh ... is anybody looking for a nice inexpensive place on Houston's
north side? ... I'll cut you a special 'evolt only' deal!}

I'm pretty excited about the move, though - the new place is starting to
look pretty darn swell!

I'll put up some pictures after we get in ....

Oh, here's the builder's drawing - elevation "E4" at the bottom ... with
a third garage bay added on the right (although we'll only have a single
'eyebrow' over a double garage door - and not the two shown in the


... although I couldn't manage to convince them that they were supposed
to put a new vette in the third bay as a standard feature  ....


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> Okay - [I'm moving into "the REAL house" this weekend] - 

The REAL house? Is this like a big brother thing?

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