[Theforum] Re: [*dmin] #evolt on IRC

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 21 18:42:15 CST 2001

> From: "Daniel J. Cody" <djc at members.evolt.org>
> i didnt mean to drag anyone into a conversation, i simply meant to
> direct any conversation towards a more appriate list IMO.. appopriate
> being the list that isn't for the discussion of emails and approval of
> articles.. sorry, i didnt mean to offend anyone.

dan, i know it was well-intentioned... i only posted to admin for a 
smaller initial hit on my issue, that's all...  i don't even know the 
right list for it, since both admin and theforum have equal claim on 
this one...

ugh... sorry 'bout not posting in the best place, either...

to quote dan...

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