[Theforum] Re: [*dmin] #evolt on IRC

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Fri Dec 21 19:14:07 CST 2001

aardvark wrote:
>it's funny, seeing that stuff in IRC didn't bug me nearly as much as 
>seeing the response above about how it's a closed forum

Sorry if you interpreted what I said that way, but I never called it a
closed forum. The whole point is that I know exactly who is in the room
(and therefor who is seeing what I'm writing) at the time I say

I'd respond to the rest of what you said, but it seemed to all be based on
some thought that I believe #evolt is my private chat room and that
certain people can't join it... even though that can because it's a public
forum... or something. Point is, that's not what I said.

.jeff wrote:
>no?  what about casual joeuser just popping in?  you just going to go
>idle until he leaves?  that leaves a great impression too

Um, no. I just won't talk about my newest foot rash...

get it?

>logging and archiving does not make it an unsafe place.  all it does is
>create accountability

'create accountability'? geez.

>don't you mean you like the fact that you can say whatever you want
>without having to be accountable to someone for it later?

I don't talk about evolt stuff in #evolt most of the time. I was talking
about personal issues here. Like breaking up with my girlfriend.

>how do i know
>that someone won't change thebot's description for my irc nick to
>something libelous or defamatory?  answer ... without it being archived
>in some fashion i won't know -- and that's wrong.

So, no more bots?

>i've popped in plenty of times to see harsh words and they started before
>i got there.

That sucks. You should try popping in some more. You've gotten the wrong
idea of #evolt.



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