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.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Fri Dec 21 22:00:30 CST 2001


> From: Daniel J. Cody
> > i also highly doubt they'll get the current topic --
> > what seems like a rant:
> >
> > *** Topic of #evolt: No more funny topics.
> who won't get it? who is on that channel when that topic
> was there that wouldn't get it? i count 4 people. so
> they don't get it? doh.

well, last i checked one of the regulars on the channel, steve, didn't get

that's not what i'm talking about though.  if i don't know about evolt.org
and just happen to stumble across #evolt and join, i'm greeted with what
seems like a semi-serious, semi-rantish topic.  suppose i don't like the
tone and decide to move on.  now, suppose that some time later a friend
tells me about evolt.org, be it thelist, w.e.o., whatever.  depending on the
impression #evolt made on me, i may or may not choose to visit where i'm
likely to find out the rest of evolt.org is far more fun.

> > if you don't want the world to see it, don't talk
> > about it in a public channel.
> hey. one distinction here. it's only 'public' to those
> that are on the channel at the time. if matt and i are
> talking about something personal, its not 'public'
> information. its information between he and i.
> right?

right -- so long as whomever is participating doesn't decide to take out
their frustrations on thebot, leaving inappropriate remarks about certain
individuals.  *that* is public to anybody that visits the channel at any

> IRC is *not* a mailing list.

that doesn't mean the rules governing it are vastly different.

> > logging and archiving does not make it an unsafe
> > place.  all it does is create accountability.
> who do people on #evolt need to be accountable to, why,
> and does joe user know that?

joe user aside, anybody that says something in a publicly available forum
has some accountability to others with regard to what they say about others.
if i'm on #evolt and call adrian a goat fucker, i'm accountable to him for
that defamatory comment (no matter how funny it was at the time).

the fact that the channel isn't logged really only serves to protect me from
adrian in so far as him being able to provide proof beyond eyewitness.
however, with the people present when i made that comment, the damage is
done.  if i know it's being logged, i'm less likely to say that kind of
stuff because i know it'll come back and bite me in the ass.

> does it really matter though? i mean.. common people,
> its a fucking IRC bot! who cares?! according to thebot,
> djc is an asshole. well damn. a perl script thinks i'm
> an asshole. i'll get over it.

yeah, but you know what?  thebot doesn't come up with these statements on
its own.  it's input from someone on the channel.  that's where the problem

> > i've popped in plenty of times to see harsh words and
> > they started before i got there.
> ya, too bad you missed the harsh words russ was
> responding to that didn't show up in adrians screenshot.

do two wrongs make a right?


jeff at members.evolt.org

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