[Theforum] entered for the Webby Awards

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Fri Dec 21 22:20:33 CST 2001

Hi folks,

Okay, I've entered us as "Evolt" under the community category.

The following people have offered to help pay the $100 fee, for which 
I am /very/ grateful (I can't afford it myself just now, but can help 
with another thing once I'm again gainfully employed):



If you want to PayPal me, send your contribution through http://paypal.com/ to:

marlene at digitizethis.com

(or to Dan as he suggested)

Please send an email to me or theforum so I can keep track of who is 
paying what (I'll also get that info through PayPal, of course, but 
it'll help others to know what's already been donated).

I'll keep an accounting for anyone who wants to see it (just ask).

I don't need more than $100, so if I get extra donations I'll send 
them back to the appropriate person(s).

If you'd like to discuss another way of donating, please contact me off-list.

(your trusty evolt.org treasurer)

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