[Theforum] important: treasurer duties (was: donations)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Sun Dec 23 23:11:56 CST 2001

Hi Hugh,

>Consider an online-only account.  If not, I'd hope a -really- low
>cost account is available.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll ask. Right now Wells Fargo has a 
no-fees-for-one-year deal going, but I don't know if that'll apply to 
business accounts. I could also look into some online banking (like 
Wingspan ... which is now Bank One).

>Just a note: Paypal has MasterCard ATM cards available at no cost.
>This allows easy withdrawal of funds.

Something else to investigate. I've had good dealings with PayPal 
too, but we're only talking around 8 transactions here...

And of course PayPal is credit card friendly, I've done that myself. Doh!

>An EFAX - so it can be directed anywhere and quickly changed if needed.

Good idea. Not something I know about. Any suggestions (or to Google I go)?

>  > 4.a. ALL donations to evolt.org should go through the treasurer.
>I think this is right, except in the rare case where someone says to me,
>"here's some $ for evolt."  I'd encourage them to send it in directly,
>but if it came to losing the $$, I'd accept it and turn it in myself.

Well, yes, you're right about taking it or losing it. However, we 
really need to discourage this, primarily to keep evolt.org looking 
as legitimate as possible,and secondarily 'cause I might have a need 
to contact the person back, or have records to show who donated the 
money, etc.

>  > 4.b. I must be alerted--immediately--to ALL purchases on behalf 
>of evolt.org.
>>  All purchases must be recorded. All receipts must be kept and mailed
>>  or faxed to me (if I'm not making the purchase). Funds for purchases
>>  should only come from the evolt.org bank account, unless someone is
>>  purchasing the item and donating the item to evolt.org. See 4.c ...
>This sounds a little restrictive.  If the opportunity presents itself to
>obtain something of need - and timing is important - there should not be
>any restriction on continuing that purchase and getting reimbursed by
>the treasurer.  Of course, there should be some restriction on who can
>purchase what.  Or can I buy that new car for evolt.org and drive it
>for a while?  ;>)

Bad Hugh! No car for you!
<takes car away and deposits it in undisclosed garage>

I understand your point, but I have to stress that any purchases for 
evolt.org made without prior approval must be done knowing that there 
is a risk, lesser or greater depending, of not being reimbursed. At 
this point I can't imagine too many purchases that would have to 
happen without prior discussion, except perhaps an emergency computer 
part. I'm sure there are lots of pros and cons to my stance. Would 
anyone else care to weigh in?

>Great work, Marlene.

Thanks, I'm learning...

Bleary eyed and to bed I go,

P.S. I'll check email again Monday morning, but then not again 'til 
late Wednesday or Thursday AM.

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