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javi -

this is a really kick ass description of the way evolt works!! nice work!
any word back from lou yet?

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, javier velasco (mantruc) wrote:

> "Daniel J. Cody" wrote:
> > one important thing is getting a *kick ass* description of evolt for this
> > thing if we have any chance of winning
> yesterday, i wrote a lengthy description of evolt.org for Lou Rosenfeld,
> (who's interested in mentioning us in his new book ) maybe that can
> serve us as a starting point?
> --
> 1.- The membership of evolt.org
> [thelist], our main mailing list has around 3000 subscribers already,
> and the website has more than 6000 registered users (although there seem
> to be a lot of duplicates). 51% of the people who answered the survey
> (530 aprox.), were from USA and all continents were represented. There
> are hundreds of unregistered readers of the site, browser archive, tips
> archive and mail archives (Dan has the log info for the servers, we
> could ask him later).
> 2.- How we work
> Our main channel of communication have always been mailing lists. This
> community was formed without actual meetings, same with the build of the
> first site.
> After the first stage, there have been already 2 gatherings of the admin
> team (strong friendship evolved), 3 ‘codefests’, where some volunteers
> get together and spend a whole weekend working on the features of the
> evolt.org site. There have also been some ‘beervolts’: informal member
> gatherings.
> 3.- The mailing lists and decision groups (in order of appearance)
> [admin] was initially the group of people who founded evolt, set the
> purpose of the community, started [thelist], and built the site. Once
> the community was running, this group has changed a lot (3years) some
> active members have been invited in, and some people have left due to
> life needs. A couple of months ago, the decision taking for the
> community was set apart from [admin] to a new list [theforum], open to
> all members, and admin archives since that day ahead went publically
> archived (they were previously password protected). Now the [admin] list
> is more focused on properly administrative tasks, like article editing
> and mail answering.
> [thelist] is our main mailing list, focused on the subject of web
> development in general. It doesn’t make a difference between front end
> and back end discussions. Despite the high traffic of this list, we have
> kept it a single resource, in order to provide our subscribers a wider
> point of view, they seem to agree.
> The list is moderated by the members mostly, it has a warm helpful
> feeling that is protected by members. Sometimes admins have to run to
> call to order (not very often) but generally, as inappropriate things
> arise they are controlled by normal members (the most common correction
> is “please trim your messages”, there are hardly flames). Off-topic
> messages have to include a <tip> (practical knowledge bit) to pay all
> the members for the noise caused. There has only been one member banned
> out of [thelist] in three years, and we really don’t want to add
> another.
> [thesite] was formed to include active members willing to participate in
> the development of the evolt.org site, without the need of giving them
> full admin powers. These are the people who have attended the codefests.
> [thechat] was opened as a space to let people talk about off-topic
> subjects in a free way, but keeping the sense of community. Respect
> among members has survived religious topics, war, elections, etc.
> [theforum] was opened a couple of months ago as a step forward in the
> path of “giving the power to the members”. The purpose of this list is
> to encourage and allow members to give their opinion about the future
> direction of the community and come up with new ideas. The IA redesign
> project is managed there too.
> --
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