[Theforum] Re: the true face of evolt

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Dec 27 10:30:05 CST 2001

On Wed, 26 Dec 2001, Warden, Matt wrote:
> I was going to keep myself in the picture, but then I figured I would be
> too much of a distraction (especially for the ladies) from the evolt
> boxen.

oy! someone get the cane and yank him offstage! ;)

heres a pic i just took this morning of the current evolt setup, sorry its
a bit blurry, but its 10am and i'm a bit blurry myself.


everything is labeled fairly well.. the big ass box labeled 'new meo box'
is one waiting for some new RAM and disks and then all of the m.e.o
accounts will  move to that box.. i have some funky switching & subnetting
going on for us, which is beyond the realms of this discussion, but
explains our own router and dedicated switch.. the relay servers are two
linux boxes put together from spare parts that people donated, the one
they're sitting on is an old sparc5 i provisioned from a dumpster in
chicago(good call jer!) running netbsd(i also have it doing backup dns for
stark) with an uptime of:

relay# uptime
10:21AM  up 295 days, 19:55, 2 users, load averages: 0.28, 0.27, 0.16


all of the relays run postfix for their MTA and only relay email from
l.e.o.. if you look at the headers of any email from an evolt list, you'll
see the ip address of relay.evolt.org varies between those three machines.
the main reason MG can send out 2500+ emails so quickly is because of
those machines that most people would throw out.. obviously, i could talk
for days about the relay servers, they're set up really nice.. :)

uummm, backups are done with a sony 8 tape autoloader and tar

oreo = oreo.evolt.org = oracle.e.o = our oracle box(that got upgraded

the ups's have about 6 hours of battery time i think if power ever goes

i know they're all white boxes :) thats only because every box we have has
been built from components, and colored boxes are expensive.. at codefest,
we were kicking around the idea of spray painting flames on the l.e.o box
- ala some 1950's chevy - to commererate the time one of the disk drives
caught on fire
( http://members.evolt.org/djc/stdio/index.cfm/daddy/show/mommy/2 )

last summer ;)

umm, thats pretty much it i think.. if anyone has questions about
anything, or wants more geeky details, i'll be happy to oblige :)


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