[Theforum] IRC Bot - thepfy

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Dec 27 22:43:58 CST 2001


I was doing some testing in IRC earlier, and discovered that one cannot tell
thepfy bot to leave.  If I want to have a conversation ONLY with those in
the room at the time, then I want to be assured that ONLY those in the room
at the time know what I say.  If I'm at a bar with some friends I don't want
to think that my boss (if I had one) or the FBI had a tape recorder attached
to my purse and is/can/are listening in to my conversation.

I would appreciate if you would turn back on the ability to have thepfy bot
vanish from the room when requested.  i.e. with the "shut up" or the "die"



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