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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Fri Dec 28 09:38:26 CST 2001


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From: "Madhu Menon" <webguru at vsnl.net>

| At 11:09 AM 12/28/2001, Michele Foster typed these words:
| >It is not a matter of having saying things to a private forum .. it *IS*
| >matter of knowing who's listening in and who isn't.
| I believe that this premise is incorrect. IRC is not a "private forum",
| unless you have your own channel and restrict membership/access to people
| you trust, like, or want.

True enough .. and I agree.  Which is why I gave examples in my other email
of situations where the conversations are geared to those members in the
room at the time.  Nothing different than when one goes out for drinks with
friends .. the conversation is much different than it would be in a
one-on-one situation.

One-to-one email is private, instant messengers
| are private, and restricted chat rooms may be private, but an IRC channel
| that *anyone* can join is not private. It's not my space or something that
| only some people use. #evolt is for anyone who wants to join.

Exactly, the conversation flows based on who is in the room.  When Martin
(as an example) is in the room, I'm not likely to start talking about my
personal problems (or whatever) .. same with if his bot is in the room.  All
I'm asking for is that his bot respond to the "kill" commands, so that those
of us who wish to have conversations with ONLY those people in the room at
the time, can continue to do so.


| If people want to have their private chats, I can think of a few options:
| a) Start your own private channel on the server (I *think* this is
| possible. Can an IRC veteran confirm this?)
| b) In the #evolt channel, use private messaging i.e., send a message
| directly to your friend. I don't think bots can log this.
| c) Use email
| d) Use Yahoo messenger/ AIM/ ICQ/ MSN
| Options a) and b) are the easiest, IMHO.

Or option (e) .. thepfy and thebot should respond to kill commands.

The IRC channel should have the same respect that TOTC does .. in that you
know exactly who you are talking too, or sending a message too.  IOW, it
should not be logged.


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