[Theforum] IRC Bot - thepfy

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Fri Dec 28 10:48:04 CST 2001

On Friday, December 28, 2001, at 03:30  pm, Michele Foster wrote:

> thebot, has been with the evolt IRC channel since its inception.  John 
> H.
> (genghis) looks after it.

Pretty much to the same standards as I look after thepfy. Thepfy behaves
as thebot does. Note that thebot doesn't obey kill commands either - 
the default it seems (I didn't change it anyway).

I'm a bit dubious as to the dates, but never mind.

> Eliza was created shortly after the channel opened, with the intended
> purpose of her (it?) assisting with Board/Admin meetings.  i.e. 
> recording
> voting and such.  Eliza has since been removed from the channel.  Dean
> (ourborous?) created her.
(from your other email)
> she was a real learning experience for Dean.

John chose to launch thebot to have fun and learn. Dean chose
to launch Eliza to learn and do business stuff with. I launched thepfy
to have fun and learn... what's the difference?

If bots are up to their creators to choose to have, and to manage, then
all you're saying is that you want to single me out. Which isn't really
valid, is it?

> thepfy is a new bot.  Martin has full control over this bot.  I'm not 
> sure
> why we need yet another bot.

I don't see why we *need* to have anything. But that's no justification.

Bots aren't there just to be functional, just like IRC channels. If
it's a case of *needing* things, then the original purpose of
#evolt was for evolt business meetings. As we're not holding
those, we don't need #evolt either...

If you want to impose your will on others, Michele, then it's up
to you to make the case.

And so far, your case consists of:

1) #evolt is my private space
2) I want to single Martin out

I don't think either holds water.


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