[Theforum] IRC Bot - thepfy

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Fri Dec 28 15:25:33 CST 2001

On Friday, December 28, 2001, at 08:43  pm, Ron Dorman wrote:

>>> what is there to troubleshoot on an IRC channel?
>> Troubleshooting the bot, not the channel.
> that's cool.  does the bot have to record everything without people 
> knowing
> they are being recorded for you to troubleshoot it?

How else am I going to know what the conditions were when it went wrong?

Also, the important issue is not whether it gets recorded, but
what gets done with the record. If theforum doesn't want #evolt
to follow the same rules as every other evolt public space, the
recording won't be published.

Unlike logs and mail access on servers in the US, UK-based
logs are under legal binding regarding use of data:

There's a lower chance of data being misused in this country
than in the US. John's in the UK too, so he'll be bound by the
same legislation. When I say the purpose of the data collection
is "troubleshooting", that has a precise meaning.

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