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Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Dec 28 15:48:42 CST 2001

having connection problems, so forgive me if this appears twice

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| From: "Ron Dorman" <rwd at csi1st.net>
| | Elfur Logadottir wrote:
| |
| | Elfur, i agree with keeping on topic and killing the noise.  i really
| don't
| | care who agrees or disagrees with me.  my post was not about agreeing
| | disagreeing on a topic.  it was about stopping the bickering.  that is
| why
| | i have asked for cease and desist several times.
| the bickering will change as well if we keep things on topic though,
| you think.
| | we had the channel for quite some time with no problems until a new bot
| was
| | placed that recorded everything without peoples knowledge.  when the
| | was kicked, the owner threw a big fit.  so on, so on and so on ....  to
| | here and now.
| well, i think your perception of things are totally wrong. our problems
| with the channel did *not* start when this new bot entered. and the
| has not thrown a big fit to my knowledge. but both those things don't
| matter. we have a situation and we need to solve it - no matter how our
| problems started. it's there and needs to go away.
| it won't go away by simply cease and desist.
| | > thanks
| | > *the seasoned one*
| |
| | there are several "seasoned ones" with us, for which i am thankful.
| | however, we apparently have some with us, seasoned or not, that can't
| seem
| | to keep personal things under wraps.  i try to stop these threads with
| | cease and desist requests.  this time my request was challenged and i
| | responded, with a kicker that i should have left off.   but i think it
| | brings to light the true issues we have.
| ah, that's not the season i was referring to, but rather the holiday
| ...
| anyways, just goes to show that the simplest things can be misunderstood.
| thanks
| elfur

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