[Theforum] evolt IA

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Dec 27 13:25:06 CST 2001

>> i think thats a great idea.. thearticles would be a list of people
>> signed up for the 'digest' version of our site - that is, they only get
>> email announcements when we have new content. right? i think its super
>> cool :)

did my reply to this not come through? it's in my sent mail folder

but it's not in theforumarchive, so never mind

and anyhow, i wasn't clear enough, so let me try again:

thearticles mailing list is a great idea

i know what you mean by "people who've signed up for the 'digest' version
of our site" but this can easily be confused with people subscribed to the
digest version of thelist

why not call it an article announcement service or something


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